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Shippin Policy

We ship via TNT post as they offer the most convenient service: affordable (though not the cheapest one), very well rooted in the territory (nobody beats them) and quite serious about their services. About the downsides, as mentioned, they are not the cheapest ones, just to give you an idea they charge 2.5 Euros for their "bottle box", which we normally use to ship up to 3 bottles; it makes them feel very comfortable and they already know how to handle it: with care! On top of that, TNT charges roughly 6,50 Euros for bottle to ship in the Netherlands, so add that to the calculation, when purchasing (I know the website will do it for you, but I meant to say: keep in mind that it could come to you as a surprise that the shipment costs are half of the price of the olive oil!). 

That said: we ship for free in Haarlem (2000 AA - 2099 ZZ post code) and we might do the same in near-by locations (e.g. Overveen!), and the reason is simple: we are based in Haarlem, and we love the place! Therefore we prefer to interact locally with our "closest" customers, but if you are to pass by this wonderful little jewel, give us a ring and arrange a meet-up, you'll get your oil for sure!

The shipping time depends on availability: for "purchased" olive oil bottles, balsamico and books (which means: paid already with iDeal through the web interface) we bring the parcel to the post office at most by the very next working day, and TNT takes "2 to 5 working days" to deliver, though in our experience they keep on the shorter side of this estimate. Ditto for local (Haarlem) delivery: if you pay online, it will delivered to you sooner. If you choose "Cash on Delivery", which we offer to our Haarlem-based customers, your delivery will be scheduled together with all the weekly delivery, but it should reach you in no more than 48-72 hours.

Again, for our "Cash on Delivery" customers, we request a personal email confirmation, to avoid pranks or misunderstanding. Therefore, at the moment of the purchase, you will receive an email in your personal account, which will state clearly that, in order to complete the order, you have to reply to that very email. Once we receive the confirmation email, we'll pack and ship your precious olive oil!

In this way we will be sure that it is you who want to purchase and not someone else who wants to give you a gift of olive oil at your pocket's expense, and wasting our time.

Any other enquiry will find an answer, to the best of our knowledge, should you contact us at:, feel free to contact us, we are beginners, I am pretty sure I forgot to mention something!

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