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Enter this world from the right door! This collection of olive oil shows the real difference between the three main trade categories: the "intense", the "mild" and the "light" fruitness. We choose our three most representative oils in each category to give you the perfect insight. Team up with friends and share, or just keep it all for you and show off your expertise in every occasion. Dressing a porcini salad or grilled langoustine, a simple cheese or the mellowest of the risotto, you have it all. 

The "Mosto di Taggiasca"  is from the most pregiate Ligurian olives, and it is a supreme delight on the bufallo mozarella.

The "Olio del Cardinale" comes from the earth of Umbria, has a strong persistence for a mild oil and come handy when dressing a salad into a feast and grilling radicchio.

"La Casa di Lucia" is our premium olive oil, "best intense D.O.P. of the year" according to the "L'extravergine 2009", a non-plus-ultra of strength and persistence.

All the bottles are 500 ml.

  • Verzendgewicht: 3kg

Artikel opgenomen in ons assortiment op woensdag 16 december, 2009.

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