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Conditions of Use

General Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions.The term client means the natural or legal person who enters into an agreement with Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn or intends to do so.The term TKO refers to "Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn"†or, established in Haarlem.

2. Applicability.These general conditions apply to all offers made by†Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn, and their acceptance for all oil sales is mandatory.Deviations and amendments to these general conditions are valid only if†Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn agreed upon them†by letter, fax, or by email.

3. Prices and price changes.The†Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†prices are in Euro, taxes amount and†contribution to administrative costs and postage†listed†separately, and clearly stated in the final checkout statement. All prices and costs are applicable only to deliveries in the Netherlands. For deliveries abroad, specific arrangements must be made, either by letter, fax or by email by TKO.Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†is entitled to change prices and conditions without previous notice, by publishing new prices and/or conditions on the website Any purchase finalized before the new price changes will be honored.

4. Specials.All offers and specials are without commitment by Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn's side. Offers and specials are subject to product availability. If the offer is no longer available:- clients will be offered an alternative;- or the contract will be voided if a successful agreement will not be reached between Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn and the customers.

5. Delivery.The provision will, unless otherwise agreed, placed by the delivery address specified by the buyer at the moment of the purchase.Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†ensures the delivery by post or by hand, after payment for the deliverables has been received or has been agreed to be received upon delivery for customers with delivery address in Haarlem.Trobia†Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†is entitled to deferred the deliver if parts of the order should not be available. Customers will be duly informed of shipments†availability and delivery time.†

6. Period.On the website, delivery times specified in the order confirmation are an indication rather than exact term.†Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†is never liable for damage caused by exceeding the delivery time.Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†makes every effort †for the specified delivery times to be sufficient.

7. Payment.Payments must take place through a the iDeal interface on the website or finalized at the moment of the delivery, for our customers in Haarlem whom requested so. If†Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn will incur in any extrajudicial costs to collect its due, the cost shall be borne by the purchaser.

8. Warranty.Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†guarantees the soundness and quality of delivered goods.The warranty does not cover the consequences of wrong and improper handling and inadequate storage of goods delivered.The natural taste and color of the products delivered might present differences when compared to previous deliveries. Deviations in these aspects (such as colors, taste, etc) cannot be excluded.

8.1 Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†ensures that, if the customer ordered products do not meet client expectations, the customer has 14 days to return the item(s), unopened and in the original packaging, to obtain full refund. The amount paid for the bottles will be refunded within 30 days after returning of the bottles to Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn. Administration and shipping charges are not refundable.

9. Liability.In case of damages resulting from breach of fulfillment of the sale contract, Trobia†Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn will pay refunds in no case exceeding the paid amount, excluding VAT.†Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†accept - except when and if caused by its own intent or gross negligence - no liability for indirect damage, ie damage not directly caused by his failure, such as additional costs incurred, consequential damages or damages for lost profits.

10. Complaints.Customers have 5 days to complain about incorrect quantities or damaged goods delivered to them. Complaints should be forwarded either by email†to:, or in writing to Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn, Klarenbeekstraat 52 zwart 2013 ZH Haarlem;Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn†promise to examine and to reply to every complaint, and to do so in the shortest timeframe possible. Defects in part or parts of a delivery by Trobia Kwaliteit OlijfoliŽn give no rights to customer to void or reject the whole delivery.

11. Applicable law / jurisdiction. All agreements and the execution thereof are subject to the Dutch law.Chamber of Commerce: Noord Holland,†34359987†VAT number: NL 349 174 283 B 01†Bank: RABOBANK, account no.:†153848898

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